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2014 March Madness, First Weekend Rewind (3/18-3/20).

Welcome to 3 Team Parlay.

We (the two guys running this bad boy) just got back from a week long trip to Las Vegas. We were betting the first 3 rounds of the 2014 NCAA tournament. I’m calling this a rewind because we wrote this after it happened using notes we took while we were there.


In years past we stayed all over town. This year we “cheaped” it up and stayed at The Quad. Arrived late on Tuesday 3/18, immediately went to the hotel, checked in and then stopped in their 24 hour restaurant (Hash House A-Go-Go) and it was not that great. Supercharged from a long flight and trying to stay up to get on the west coast time schedule, we headed to the poker room at The Quad.

They offered a 11:30pm tourney ($30 buy in).

We sat down and played. Both of us busted out within 90 minutes, and soon after that a cash game opened ($1/2 NL Hold’em). We played at the same table, not colluding or sitting together, but making an effort to not bump heads and not play heads up. I kept getting raise or calling hole cards and they kept hitting the flop. I left up $275. Ace did not have as good a night. Every sports book has their own opening and closing times, The Quad closed around 11pm and we missed it so we had to get up early to put our action in. We fall out around 5am.


We had all day Wednesday, so we woke up late then we went to The Paris Las Vegas and hung around there at the sports book. I made the first bet of the trip.

$50 on Iowa -1.5 (This means I’m betting $50 that Iowa will win the game by at least 2 points. This would return about $45 plus my original $50, totaling $95.)

It was Iowa vs Tennessee and our method of sports handicapping for NCAA Mens Basketball requires a little explanation:

  • Divide the conferences between the two of us to increase the number of games watched.
  • Create a spreadsheet to track the date, teams played, favorite, spread, 1st half and 2nd half scores, over/under, kenpom.com data, several computer prediction sites, and our own notes from watching the games.
  • Make a prediction based off our spreadsheets data.
  • Determine the bet amount, this is based on the strength of our prediction and takes into account our prior performance with this team(s).
  • Make the goddamned bet.
  • Watch the game go our way and go wild, collect our winnings immediately and bet again (optional)

Don’t worry, they’ll be much more on this system and other systems later.

So, I’d see a bunch of Iowa, not a lot of Tennessee. Iowa won the first half and then got out played and out coached by Tenn.

Bad Start. We played poker at Harrah’s to pass the time and tried to recreate the recent success we had at The Quad. This time we both got cold cards and the few good hands we had weren’t profitable. AA hole cards at a $1/2 NL game usually get a pre-flop raise of at least $11 – $15, from me at least they do. That small raise pushed everyone out.  “At least they respect you”, is how another player at the table put it. After this beating (Ace is down, I’ll let him tell you how much)  I’m down $-200 from this session, I’m down -$50 from the Iowa loss to Tenn, but I’m still up $25 because of the poker session from yesterday. We fall asleep at 2pm, but have to get up at 7am to get our sports bets in for the round of 64 games.


We get up at 7am stagger down to the sports book at The Quad to get our round of 64 bets in. You have to get up that early to get your bets in at the book because you’re on the west coast and all the first games start 9:15am PDT. The first day the line was 30 guys deep but it moved quickly, and you got to chat people up and ask about their picks.

I placed a 3 team parlay:

$50 Syracuse -12.5, Wisconsin -13.5, Oregon -5.5. – It hit! +$300 +$50 (your original bet is returned when you win).

A 2 team parlay:

$50 Wisconsin -13.5, Ohio St -5 – it Lost -$50.

And I decide that I’ll wait for these to come in before I play the mid morning and afternoon or evening games. So after the first 6 games finished I’m up $300 for the day on sports bets, up $75 from poker total, and the afternoon games haven’t started yet.

The Quad had a promotion where you got a free drink for a $25 bet, as long as it was a domestic draft beer or a well drink. You usually only get drink tickets if you play $50 – $100, depending on the casino, and even then there are occasional limits on what you can order (no top shelf or no imported beer). You can also try asking the agent for an extra one, and only a few of them act as if the booze is coming out of their paycheck. Hanging out in the book and watching the games is some of the best people watching and partying you can have in town. I met a guy from Kentucky who was making his 4th straight trip to Vegas for March Madness and this was the first year he didn’t come alone. He had a guy phoning picks into him and he’s bet them and give the guy 10% if he hit. Mostly over/under and 4 team parlays. He wasn’t winning.

Ace has Diamond card privileges at Harrah’s properties, so we would up drinking over at the Paris again and watching the games there. Later on I also put in some losers that are probably due to me being drunk and wild after winning my 3 team parlay and getting wasted at the Paris and in drink tickets and a $3 miller light draft special! All over a single $50, 3 team parlay, ha.

Total for the trip: Up +$325

A rewind of March 3/21 will come soon.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Ace Liburd
    April 2, 2014

    It’s a gambling man’s spring break

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