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NBA Finals Spurs @ Heat Game 3


OK readers and fellow betting public. After crying myself to sleep following my hometown NY Rangers game 3 loss to go down 3-0 I though of a new betting angle for my real love the NBA.

The Heat fixed their defensive woes and we able to get a lot of turnovers and keeping the Spurs out of the paint effectively to win 98-96. The Spurs also helped by shooting 60% from the free throw line. Two new points to focus on points in the paint and 3pt %. These two factors in my opinion will determine the winner tonight. Now the Spurs don’t usually lose at home and neither do the Heat but something will have to five if the Spurs plan on taking back the home court. I do believe the Spurs will shoot better overall in from the line and 3pt% as they need to get a road win to get the title or just to game seven.

Lebron is really on top of his game truly and wholly. Now Duncan although old has punished the Heat inside. But the difference will be Rasard Lewis and Kawhi Leonard. Who ever wins the +/- battle between them will determine wins and loses. That being said I fully expect Leonard to out play Lewis and Allen to carry the Spurs tonight and so a better job on Lebron tonight defensively.

So my pick is the Spurs +4.5 and the over of 197.5 for a combined score of 105-99 Spurs win.

Ace Liburd
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