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NCAA Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Preview and Pics

Happy Tuesday, I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day.

This weekend we hit 2 parlays (3 game parlay and a 4 teamer!)

UCONN was crushed by BYU in East Hartford and now look to be a strong team this season.  Unfortunately this week, they fly down to Austin and are up against Texas and are overvalued at +3.  I easily see Texas running wild with that game and winning by 10 or more.

Colorado State won the Rocky Mountain Rivalry over Colorado with a strong rushing attack that will make them stay in the game with Boise St. this weekend.  Somehow Colorado St is getting 10.5 points against the same Boise St that got run out of the Georgia Dome by Ol’ Miss on national television last Saturday.

Penn St handled USF in Ireland.  Anyone know why they played in Ireland?  USF will not lose to Maryland by 13 points.  Not after what I saw last weekend. That game is a gimmie!

We also lost 2 (both 3 game parlays.)



Time for week 2, but first a quick work about betting strategy.

I am currently working on a larger series of articles about money management, but I wanted to at least mention my strategy about gambling on sports.  In short, I’m looking for large wins and I’m trying to use as much house money as possible.  To accomplish that, I tend to put in low money bets, then taking only the profit and parlaying that entirely until the profit is a 4 figure payout.  After I reach a profit of 4 figures I switch to single game bets with a focus on money line underdogs.

Glad to have cleared that up!

So this week I have my eye on:

Texas over BYU +3 (I’ve been told this has been taken off the board, if it returns, snap on it for anything under 9 points)

Colorado St over Boise St -10.5

South Florida (USF) over Maryland -12.5

Temple over Navy -3.5

If those hit, then I’d take another look at the evenings games or put the profit on NFL opening weekend.

Good luck and you are welcome!



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