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NFL Week 2

Good Evening, this week in the wild, wild NFL We at the 3GP have 7.D solid picks for you and yours.

As we learned last week, it’s a Dog season.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya Brah!

Buffalo +0.5 over Miami. – They’re in Buffalo.  I saw last weeks Bears v Bills, and I saw the Bills win.  It wasn’t a Bears loss as much as a confident and mature EJ Manuel look fantastic against a decent Bears D.  I saw the Miami game and I don’t think the Miami Offense will handle the Bills SOLID D.

New England -3.5 over Minnesota – Have you heard Adrian Petersen is not playing?  Also the Vikings beat a raggedy Rams team.  The Pats loss on the road has the public thinking they’re weak and the line reflects that.  Also, I’m not sure if you have heard, Adrian Petersen is not playing.  This line may have changed since I put it in on Friday.

Jacksonville +6.5 over Washington – This is the year of the Dog.  Washington is suffering on O.  RGIII might be a problem.  Jax looked OK in the first half in the L against the Eagles.  I like the cut of new WR Allan Hurns jib and I think he’ll be a big weapon in the game.  Also, it’s the year of the DOG.

Seattle -5.5 over San Diego – Didn’t the SeaHawks win by 25 or something last week against a good Packer team?  Didn’t the SuperChargers lose to Arizona?  So what the fuck is going on here Las Vegas?  Seattle might win by 30. Rivers had trouble with the Cardinal D.  Couldn’t get some plays off before the playclock ended, couldn’t get the ball in space to the WR’s on timing routes.  Couldn’t lead them when they were open.  Ran the ball decently, but not well enough to open up the passing game.  What do you think they’ll put up against the LOB.  I’d even take this at Sea -12.

Atlanta +4.5 over Cincinnati – I liked Matty Ice handling his bidness against the Saints last week.  have confidence in that wild passing attack, and the emergence of Jaquizz Rodgers. Actually, they might be the Saints now, since they faced off head to head, and won, they might actually have stolen the Saints powers and might turn themselves in the old Saints.  You heard it here first. Also, it is Dog year.

Houston -2.5 over Oakland – A rookie QB against JJ Watt and the Texans D.  I have the Texans winning outright, and 3 points isn’t enough for me to be swayed.  I saw Oakland lose to the Jets and Carr was decent, but he’s not able to win the game for them yet, they have no WR that is capable of taking over, and MJD is most likely out this weekend.

Detroit +2.5 over Carolina – Did you see the Cam Newton press conference?  Who does he think he is?  Donkey Kong Suh?  A guy that talks shit like that has to have won something, national titles don’t count either.  Suh is a decent guy off the field by most accounts, but he is a bear on Sunday and Newton poked, bit and tried to kick the bear in the nuts.  Megatron beat the Giants all by himself, sure the Panthers are better on D, but not that better.

Good luck out there and thank you for reading.

FYI, I’m using picktracker to record things and keep a semi-public record of what I’m telling everyone.  It’s a great tool/service.  Check it out.

My Tracked Plays
Risk 1.00 to win 0.95 [254] Buffalo Bills -1 -105 vs Miami Dolphins
Risk 1.00 to win 0.95 [261] New England Patriots -5.5 -105 vs Minnesota Vikings
Risk 1.00 to win 0.95 [255] Jacksonville Jaguars +6 -105 vs Washington Redskins
Risk 2.00 to win 1.90 [251] Detroit Lions +2.5 -105 vs Carolina Panthers
Risk 1.00 to win 0.98 [265] Atlanta Falcons +5.5 -102 vs Cincinnati Bengals
Risk 2.00 to win 1.90 [269] Seattle Seahawks -5 -105 vs San Diego Chargers
Risk 1.00 to win 1.00 [271] Houston Texans -3 +100 vs Oakland Raiders
These plays are being tracked under the username 3gameparlay at PickMonitor


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