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NCAA Week 4 and The Long Shot

Good Morning.
I’m using pickmonitor.com to keep track of all my pics.  I’ll have a widget set up soon enough, until then I will post the weekly picks and totals in every post.

Here we go!

Alabama – 14.5 over Florida – ‘Bama is far and above better then Florida.

Clemson +12 over Florida State – Jameis is not playing now, and I think Clemson will either win outright or keep it closer than 12.

New Mexico -3.5 over New Mexico St. – NMST is always a loser, NMU looks ok, I think this years rivalry game will end with an easy W for NMU.

Nebraska -7 over Miami – Miami isn’t what they used to be, I believe Nebraska can win by up to 10.

UNLV +21.5 over Houston



Green Bay +1.5 over Detroit – I cannot believe the Pack are the dogs.  After being unable to handle the Panthers, I think the Lions have been seen enough to allow them to be game planned against.  Rodgers handled the fairly tough Jets D at home last week and the lessons of the Seattle opener loss combined with the week before the Jets game allowed the O to gel.  That continues this week, Green Bay is the pick.

Dallas -1.0 over St. Louis – Dallas looked amazing last week on the road in Tennessee.  St. Louis lost their top DE a week ago, lost their QB again (now on their 3rd stringer I believe), and looked awful last week.  Dallas and Demarco Murray in particular will have HUGE games.

Baltimore -2.0 over Cleveland – Baltimore looked dominant on D against Pittsburgh, they’ve had a longer break since they played on Thursday of last week, and they are certainly solid in the locker room having gone though the media cycle as the main focus, for the past 3 weeks or more.  I think they win BIG.


There you have it, an 8 game Long Shot!


Good luck out there.


My Tracked Plays
Risk 1.00 to win 0.97 [358] Alabama -14.5 -103 vs Florida
Risk 2.00 to win 1.82 [365] Clemson +20 -110 vs Florida State
Risk 1.00 to win 0.95 [359] UNLV +22 -105 vs Houston U
Risk 1.00 to win 0.97 [385] New Mexico -3.5 -103 vs New Mexico State
Risk 1.00 to win 0.95 [388] Nebraska -8 -105 vs Miami Florida
Risk 2.00 to win 1.67 [463] Baltimore Ravens -1 -120 vs Cleveland Browns
Risk 1.00 to win 0.91 [465] Green Bay Packers +2.5 -110 vs Detroit Lions
Risk 1.00 to win 0.91 [453] Dallas Cowboys -1.5 -110 vs St. Louis Rams
These plays are being tracked under the username 3gameparlay at PickMonitor



Football 3 4 -3.1 42.86 -7.22 34.37 -34.39 -0.88 -104 1.29 7.00

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