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NFL Locks of week 10

After a long awaited vacation por moi and my lady to sunny Playa del Carmen from my native New York I return refreshed to help make you money.

My 3 game parlay of the week is as follows.


1. Steelers -3.5 at the Jets. no brainer pick on this one Jets offense not working much. Steelers couldn’t be better on offense and the defense good enough to limit the Jets opportunities on offense to minimum.

2. Dolphins +2.5 at the Lions. Although the Lions are a quality team I see this working out well for Miami. Both Teams have a top 5 defenses, but against Calvin Johnson returning from injury and a limited running attack for the Lions. Miami edges out a close straight up win. in my opinion the main reason weather will not be a factor.(the Dome)

3. Chiefs -1 at the Bills. Nuff said better defensive team wins. The Chiefs will outlast the Bills with a dominating pass defense and limited opportunities for the bills elsewhere on the filed with Fred Jackson limited all week in practice and with the Chiefs having more offensive options and playing few turnovers with 11 total all year, I see the getting the W on the road.

To recap Steelers -3.5, Dolphins +2.5, and Chiefs -1 for the 3 game parlay.

And as always if doesn’t make $$$ it don’t make sense.

Ace Liburd.


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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