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March Madness Recap #2 – Las Vegas Scene

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I’ve just returned from a long and luxurious week of debauchery and degenerate behavior in beautiful and fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

For the first time ever I left up a few thousand dollars and I’m here to share that experience with you, the reader.

Firstly. I arrived with the co-conspirator of this site Ace, on March 17th, 2015. Got in a rental car and made our way to The Luxor. Checked in, it was 3am PDT. Flights are always delayed from JFK. I’m not sure why, the airline (JetBlue) claimed the airplane we were taking would be late in arriving from Orlando, so we’d be late getting on it, etc. I thought JFK was a hub for JetBlue so why would they need to wait for a plane to arrive? I’m sure there is a non answer-answer for this question so I didn’t bother asking.

We checked in so late, I wasn’t able to get my usual 3 hours of poker play to acclimate myself to PDT. It’s always hardest that first day flying east to west. I tend to get up at like 5am, since I’m used to waking up for work etc, so I try to stay up late that first night in town to get used to the 3 hour time difference.

I got the sheets and since I had already done my point spread predictions, I was able to get a head start on making my picks. I’ll explain my whole sports betting handicapping in a later, larger, separate post.

I am mostly a first half/second half better, with an eye toward underdogs for money line bets. So I made a few bets on Wednesday, Boise st M/L is what I had. They lost by 1 to Dayton, in what was a home page for the Flyers.

I was with Ace and my father, who’s a MMILV (March Madness in Las Vegas) virgin. He likes the local’s casinos. He drove us to Palace Station and I put the Boise St. loser in, then we watched a movie at their Regal Cinema theater. In case you are wondering, it’s just a regular stadiums eating movie theater, $13/adults. About the same as a ticket in NYC.

While we’re discussing it, I have to recommend the sports book at Palace Station. It’s a large open room, about the same size/design as Mandalay Bay or Bellagio. They had a $25 bracket contest where you had to pick 1 game, per round against the spread. Winner takes all. I’d have entered except I was not going to be able to make picks once I left, and would lose because of that.

After that, headed back to Luxor, ate some In and Out burger along the way and got ready for the Main Event.

Thursday at 9am the first game tips off. I have learned from years past that the bets should be placed as soon as you can, preferably before Thursday morning, to avoid the long lines and waits. I got mine in on Wednesday night, and lets just say it was a rough day. Underdogs covered 13 out of 16 games, and 17 out of 20 if you include the play in games. Most of the time, the betting public goes with the favorites, so most of us ‘sports investors’ took a beating. I only had 1 winner: Butler over UCLA for a half.

I woke up at 8am PDT to get a decent spot to watch the games. I already had my drink tickets (they offer them for every $100/bet at Luxor, but if you ask nice and tip, they’ll give you one) headed over to the bar at Luxor and got my first of an endless amount of greyhounds that would be consumed by me this week.

As I mentioned, it was dogs all Thursday, so it wasn’t good.

We headed downtown to The D, to a viewing party organized by a Facebook group, March madness in Las Vegas.

More to come…


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