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NBA Playoffs 2015 picks and best bets

The NBA Playoffs are upon us and with 3 teams in action tonight. I will present you with my picks:

First up Nets at Hawks-9.5; having beaten the nets by 7 in the first game I see this line as set just right for bettors in NY to take the Nets who finished with a losing record but still with enough offensive talent to score with them but not defend at all positions Brook Lopez is the reason I think they can keep this close, Although a blowout win would not be shocking especially with how well the Hawks have played at home.

Pick: Nets +9.5 a double digit loss seems unlikely, but another road loss seems inevitable. The over is unlikely I see the hawks defense being even more intense this time around the under I like at 202.5pts o/u

Secondly the Blazers at Grizzlies -6; with the Grizz being able to lock down the Blazers to win by 14 points. Their defense is the main advantage and ability to score is even easier this season for the Grizz with Carter and Udrih of the bench to come in and provide support for Conley and Lee at the guard spots and if Green can get going things will be tough for portland. I see portland having get more out of Lopez and Kaman defensively and more offense from the McCollum in that key 2G spot.

Pick: Memphis -6; The over seems likely as I see this game being played in the 90’s by both teams. and the Blazers especially trying to make this game uptempo.189.5 pts o/u

The late game being the most intriguing of the night with the Spurs at Clippers -2; The Clippers pulling off a game 1 win by a 15 pt margin I see the Spurs bouncing back and most likely to tie the series up. I believe age has caught with the spurs and Leonard will not get enough from Parker or Tiago splitter or Diaw who are over matched in trying to defend the faster Griffin. The Clippers can assure another win with good perimeter defense on Belinelli, Green and Ginobli. Barnes, Crawford will have to play like they did in previous game and up the defensive intensity, I also expect no let up since the Clippers no better than most how dangerous this Spurs team is as they are never dead and always fighting composure and Foul shooting will be key.

Pick: Clippers -2; I expect a better performance from the shooter on the clippers to power them forward and Jordan to hit his free throws early to give the Clippers an early advantage. Although I expect Duncan and Leonard to perform better in game two I see this going to San Antonio 2-0 Clippers. also the under seems unfavorable but the Spurs like to make this an ugly game as the slower team. 206.5 o/u

“If it doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense”

Ace Liburd


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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