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The Borgata- WPT Spring Poker Open Part 2

I was  apart of the action on day two at the 11am session was knocked nearing the end of level 12, but I will breakdown some of the hands I got involved for better or worse. I  was definitely knocked out because I was playing way to tight, but I have included a link to the Winner here.

I like playing the early session as play my best usually in the late afternoon and i find the medium stakes like $230-$560 entry pools to have the most value for medium level players like myself. I suggest if you consider yourself a serious player of 1-2 or 2-5 games that you should be playing one of these events at least twice a year. with prize pools nearing the 300k to 600k range sometimes at larger poker areas outside of Vegas and WSOP events like Foxwoods in CT, Borgata in NJ and Seneca In Niagara Falls, NY are some your best available opportunities to earn a big pay day for small portion of your bankroll.

With a total of 919 total entries for event #7. I was able to make it through to somewhere through the 400-500 entrants. I was waiting mostly on pocket pairs early and some suited connected face cards (i.e. King-Queen or pocket Sixes and up) which I believe to be strong hands early in tournament play if played with proper aggression. I however was to weak with my quality hands early with the exception of a later round play in which I raised after hitting a set of 10’s which in hindsight is a no brainer. The key to lasting longer is knowing when to not get involved which i did with some weak Ace-7 and Ace-4 suited cards in the middle rounds at around 250-500 blinds. which led to me being barely around above the starting stack of chips. Sometimes with players trying to play aggressive a better strategy is to trap early and be aggressive later on. The main hand breakdown I failed to capitalize on was a hand which started with 4 players limping with me two seats left of the the dealer button. I had jack -Ten of hearts and the flop came Ace of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts and 10 of spades for a rainbow flop which give no pause to flush but a possible two pair like A-10 or A-Q for tighter player at my table of which they were many. The First player to act checks the flop the second bets the pot which was 400 the third player (me) calls the fourth player folds and the first player then calls as well. The fourth card to come out is a 4 hearts which makes me wanna chase with a possible straight and flush draws to get on the river. On the turn the first player leads out with 2,000 bet to which I fold realizing there is implied odds to call trying to catch but realizing I am definitely behind right and possible drawing to a chopped pot if another player has a straight already. Unfortunately as a lot of times that happens the player behind me also folded so i will never know if i was beat. But i went with my gut. In the end I was a bit too aggressive late when i shoved hitting a set on the flop with pocket 8’s and losing to a set of 9’s also hit on the flop sometimes it is just not meant to be and no silver lining to this story except that I have one more major open tournament experience under my belt.

Side note: the Harrahs resort AC poker rooms is underrated as a destination to play and stay they have quality rooms at great prices Sunday Thru Thursday and a the best indoor pool area in Atlantic City with 8 hot tubs and lunch also available in the pool area which is a nice relaxing atmosphere.

“If it doesn’t make $$$’s it Don’t make Sense”

Ace Liburd


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