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2015 Kentucky Derby Recap

Good Afternoon!

So that was a pretty amazing and action packed day of racing at Churchill!

Here at 3 game parlay, we did a bit less than we’d like to. We hit 3 race winners out of the 11 we picked, but we did pick 3 place and show horses, which means we got a part of the top 3 in more than 60% of the card.

Yes not picking all winners isn’t ideal, and the show and place horses tend to not pay as well as a winner, but we do recommend playing a place or show if you are trying to hit more frequently. And who isn’t trying to hit more frequently. Horse racing is a difficult game.

We hit a place in the 2nd race that paid $3.80. We also hit a place in the 3rd race that paid $4.80.

We were able to cash in a winner in the 5th. Paid $4.60. so a bit more than 2/1.

In the 7th race, he had Judy the Beauty as a winner, she got nosed for first, and paid $2.80 for the place, which is next to nothing when you consider you have to bet $2. For a ticket like that, you’re almost taking $2 from your left pocket and putting it in your right pocket.

We did hit in the 9th race with #4 Private Zone winning and paying well at $7.40. We had Bayern as the favorite, but we noted the #4 Private Zone, who won and #5 Pants on fire, who got the show, and we were right!.

In the Derby, we called 3 of the top 4 horses. #18 American Pharoah was a pick along with #8 Dortmond and #15 Frosted. We were recommending setting up an exotic using those 4 horses keyed and then boxed. If you had done that, you would have only won with the winner American Pharoah who paid $7.80.

All told, it was a decent day at the track, getting a part of 6 out of the 11 races picked including 3 outright winners, and 3 place or show horses. Depending on how you managed your bankroll, you could have left up.

We’ll be back in a weeks time to prep for the Preakness, good luck out there until then.


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