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NBA Playoffs Rd 2 Game 3 Best Bets

Two more games tonight Hawks @ Wizards +4 and the Warriors @ Grizzlies +4.5.

 In a rare turn of events both road temas are favorites this time around. Now with the hawks it makes as John Wall team leader and All-star PG will not be playing in the game tonight or possibly game 4 either. The Warrior’s are overwhelming favorites in the minds of the betting public as they have not lost back to back games since January. So that being said with Wall out of the picture for this game at least. My pick is the Hawks -4 it may seem obvious, but the Wiz can not operate at the same level without wall as teague can press the pace with little resistance on defense. Paul pierce has been effective in 25 minutes a game but he may be able to turn back the clock for 1 game but I don’t see it being enough the total team effort that the Hawks have in terms of speed and defense and outside shooting. Stay away from the over under at 196.6 total points I see it as a trap bet. 

Warriors @ Grizzlies With the return of Mike Conley the teams real leader and the engine that moves the freight train that is Memphis back in the line-up I see this series going seven games, but with the extra time off and Curry able to refocus and get back to their winning and shooting ways. I expect more from the bigs on golden State as well Green Speights and Lee will be called upon again as the physical nature of this series will ramp up. My pick :Warriors and the over at 196 total points.

“If don’t make $$$ it doesn’t make sense”


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