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2015 Preakness Stakes Recap

Well Railbirds, I picked some winners and some losers. Lets start at the beginning. You can see all of the days results courtesy of Daily Racing Form here.

Race #9, I picked #7 Hard Not to Like & #8 Watshachances. Well #8 Watshachances won and paid $6.80. So that is 1 for 1, hooray!

Race #10, I picked #7 Gimmie Da Lute, he showed and didn’t pay well. He gave $3.00 for the place, and that ruined our pick 3 or pick 4. We’re 1 for 2.

Race #11, I picked #4 Ageless & #5 Shrinking Violet. I also wrote that I liked #6 Jewel of a Cat and #4 Joya Real. Ageless won but only paid $4.60. If you did a boxed trifecta, as I did and as I always suggest doing if your bankroll allows, you would have won $55.60 for your $2 trifecta!

Race #12, I liked #12 Long On Value and noted that I liked #4 Aripeka & #3 Cage Fighter. It came in 2, 3, 11. The #3 paid $25.20, which is pretty well for a place. I’m not complaining.

Race #13, the Preakness! I picked #1 American Pharoah here. He hit and only paid $3.80. I listed a bunch of candidates for exotics including #2 Dortmund & #8 Firing Line, and I was so confident that the trifecta would come in as I stated. Key the #1 with #2 and #8 boxed behind. Also, I noticed some comments on facebook, that I didn’t call the bet correctly in my post. Go tell the teller about that, they always seem to understand how to take my money.

To sum up, I picked 3 winners out of 5. Race 9, #8 Watshachances; race 11, #4 Ageless; & race 13 the Preakness, #1 American Pharoah. If you had only played my picks for winners you would have left up! I’m still working on my handicapping, but I’m happy with the results of Saturdays card.

Please let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading.


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