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NBA Finals Game 3

The current line for this game is at Warriors -1 @ Cavaliers over under 194

The cavaliers were able to take advantage of a poor overall offensive effort by Golden state to even up the series, which is rare considering how well they have played as a team at home. Its stands mentioning that the Warriors have a 39-2 regular season record at home as well as a 7-2 home during the playoffs including last nights game. Now with each team having split the season series on each others home floors and with that trend holding so far thru 2 games with Tue Cavs victory last night Its hard for me to believe it will not continue.

The warriors had a very bad shooting night in game 2 and I do not see that continuing thru the rest of the series. Curry will have to improve his play if the Warriors want to hoist a championship banner. I see that being more likely than them losing this series and taking 2-1series lead in game 3.

Note Lebeon has been outstanding in these playoffs and the Finals as well but with little offensive help outside of timofey mozgov which has been unexpected and necessary for their continued success; he has not had the overall support from the rest of the team. James Jones, Shumpert and Smith will have to improve and be more consistent to take over and help this team reach its full potential.

That being said my pick is the Warriors -1 and over 194 total points. Although most games have been lower scoring I don’t see that continuing with the Warriors FG% regressing to the avg of 46% FG% on the road. The Cavs have a 46% FG% at home during the regular season and 45% during the playoffs. So if things continue as expected the Warriors should win Game 3.

And as always “If it don’t make $$$’s it doesn’t make sense”


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