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NFL Futures!

Good Afternoon Gamblers!

So it’s the NFL off season and while we are enjoying the summer, swimming, eating bbq, going to the beach and relaxing, the NFL futures have come out.

We’re using the MGM NFL win futures for this article. Here at 3 Game Parlay, we’ve done our due diligence and from what we can tell, here are the best bets for the upcoming 2015 NFL season.

We like the Oakland Raiders winning Over 5.5 games. It pays +115, which means for every $100 you wager, you get $115 returned, PLUS your original $100. Oakland can’t be as bad as last season when they won 3 games. Carr has another year under his belt, the team did switch coaches again, but Del Rio is at least a professional and that is a positive change. I’m excited about their season!

Next up, the Indy Colts, winning more than 11 games at -105 (means you wager $100 to win back $95 + your $100.)
The entire AFC south is in shambles. Houston has no QB, Jacksonville and Tennessee are barely playing pro level football and that’s already 6 wins right there. They also play the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Bucs and just need 2 more wins or 1 more for a push. I’m hard pressed to find a more solid futures bet that is available.

We’ve also got the Carolina Panthers winning more than 8.5 games and paying +115 (again, you wager $100, you get a return of $215, your winnings of $115 + your original $100.) This should be similar to the Indy situation. Carolina plays 6 games against, New Orleans (a team that gave their best WR/TE away), Atlanta, who used to be good but somehow can’t get it together. Perhaps it was being on Hard Knocks last season? They also get 2 games against Tampa Bay, which might not win 4 games all year. Add a few easy games against the NY Giants, redskins and Texans and Bang, you have 9 wins.

Philadelphia is going to win more than 9.5 games and that is paying +115, similar to above. Philly has won 10 games the last 2 years under Chip Kelly, and now that he’s traded away anyone who was there on offense when he arrived, it’s about time he pushed the team to the next step! I think they’ll win the NFC East and win at least 1 playoff game.

Lastly Chicago, has to win more than 6.5 games and that will return -130 (you bet $100 to win back $170 total.) Even with a new head coach, new WR’s, a surley Jay Cutler, Chicago will BEAR DOWN and muscle out 7 victories!

Good luck out there and as always, you are welcome for the winners!


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