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Atlantic City Trip Journal: 4 Day Weekend, “Is there anything to do in this town?”

Recently, as the title suggests, I took a 4 day long trip to “America’s Favorite Playground”, ATLANTIC CITY!

I was looking for some fun, sun and of course some casino gambling as well. It was also a couples trip, so we tried for a great room and booked a King Corner Tower room. The front desk clerk told us some great information, if you book through Bally’s central booking you are not guaranteed to get the room your requested, it depends on availability when you check in. However, if you buy through a 3rd party site, like hotels.com you are definitely getting the room you booked because 3rd party sites buy the rooms in bulk and they are automatically reserved that way.

I never knew that and I’m glad I know now!

So we check in, go up the room, they’re fixing 2 elevators, so the ride up is always jam packed and getting back down to the casino was pretty bad. The room made up for it with large bay windows with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The bathroom had a deep, oval shaped tub and the room also had a large bay window with a view up the beach looking at everything from The Clairidge to the shuttered empty shell of the Revel. It was pretty amazing and the room had the best view I’ve ever seen in an Atlantic City hotel.

The options for drinking in the casino are pretty limited. They have the mountain bar, which used to be 24/7 and has pretty solid promotions on drinks $3 bottled beers, $3 shots, but now is open from 12pm-ish to 3am-ish, depending on how many people are around. The hotel lobby bar is also kinda terrible, because the happy hour is short, 4-8 and the promotion is 1/2 off, so the beer is still $4-5.

Well we had a good time all the same. Did you know that they used to call Atlantic City the lungs of Philadelphia? At least that is what Burt Lancaster told me.

On the gambling side of things Bally’s and by extention the Wild Wild west and Caesars does hold it’s own at least compared to the rest of the hotel and casino properties on the Atlantic City boardwalk. They had 6 craps tables there, with 4 open even on Thursday evening, and Friday morning. They offer 5x odds, a fire bet, and the usual assortment of hop and center layout bets. Slots are plentiful, as are 21, Spanish 21, roulette, rapid roulette, big 6, baccarat and mini-baccarat.

I had a few solid rolls at the craps table, although there were some strange things happening. Some gambler was there and ONLY played the fire bet. I didn’t know that was allowed, but he’d toss $5 on the fire bet on any come out roll and had no pass or don’t pass line bet. He also took no come or don’t come, no place, no hardway, not even a Yo for a buck. He played it for at least the 2 hours while I was there, and it only hit when some guy rolled 4 of them. I don’t think that man left up for his crap session.

Poker has been moved from all the CEC (Caesars Entertainment Corporation) properties to a common location at the back of the Wild Wild West casino. They’ve got at least 50 tables back there, according to the staff and long time players only 10 are really even in use.

We also took a trip to Harrah’s over in the Marina district. It’s a small part of Atlantic City that holds the Borgata, Harrahs, and Gold Nugget Atlantic City (the sister property to the one on Fremont St.)

Borgata has the only simulcast room still operating in all of Atlantic City, so if you are looking to bet on the horses there you go. They also have a large and modern looking casino floor including a special craps layout near the poker room that boasts of the “World Record Craps Roll.” Where a lucky lady rolled 153 times and left up 6 figures.

Harrah’s where we stayed has an adults old pool, complete with DJ and other assorted nightclub what-have-you for fun and whatever. Mr. Belding, of Saved By The Bell Fame was the host when we were there. It’s a big indoor poor, with hot tubs and bottle service. Perfect if you’ve ever wanted to be drunk and inside at night in a pool! Cross it off your bucket list.

We’ll have another one of these reports coming as soon as we take another trip.

Good Luck out there and keep gambling!


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