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Poker On The High Seas.

I recently had the pleasure of gambling on the Cruise ship to Alaska. I decided to play in an afternoon tournament for $80 with rebuy option ($80) for the first hour of the tourney.

The structure of the tournament was weird because the first two levels were 30 minutes long, after that they sped them up to 15 minutes levels. Also you only get to start with 2k in chips with the first level of blinds are at $100-200 and the second is at 200-400.

This creates a crazy sense of urgency that I usually don’t like have in low entry tournaments although I entered anyway, against may better judgment. Also important to mention is the casino only had one real poker table so I had to play at an avg size (6 seats) blackjack table for the first hour of the tournament. So overall, combined with the lack of free drinks it was a so so experience.

The short stacks and quick levels made the tournament a shove fest with a small starting stack. After the first break you are given the choice to add on another 4k in chips for $80. I took the plunge as I only had 1,800 in chips. So now I’m in for $160, and every other hand becomes more and more aggressive with most hands getting called down to the river by a few aggressive players.

I made a move with King Jack of clubs. Pushed it all into the oval circle to get called by the second largest stack at the table for 14k and some change; all in for him as well to isolate which after the flop of Queen of spades, Queen of clubs and 5 of hearts I know a few players wish they would have called. Because someone folded a Queen. I held out hope for a miracle King or Jack but to no avail the other guy won this one with an Ace 8 of clubs which surprised me that he was willing to call in the first place with so much down side to him as I had 3800 in chips left with an average stack of about 9k.

The rest of casino was alright. They had a good amount of slot machines and two arcade type games which I played a few times. One was a crane game with plastic wrapped stacks of 100 $1 bills. Another one was a game a plastic key that you had to fit through a hole using a mechanical arm. You had to unlock different amounts of cash by putting the key through the hole. You could win cash, the top being 1000 next 100 and last being 50.

All in all a great cruise ship vacation but unless its a better structure or bigger prize pool I don’t think I will be entering any more tournaments on cruise ships.

And as always “If it doesn’t make $$$’s it don’t make sense”

Ace Liburd.


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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