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2015 NFL Week 1

Good Morning Gamblers!!

This weekend starts the first week of the NFL and I’m back with what I hope to be the first part of a 17 part series giving you readers AT LEAST 5 SOLID NFL WINNING picks against the spread.

Let’s get started with some news and notes related to this column. When possible I will post these picks on the Thursday or Friday before the games, if available I will post the ticket (minus the id, bar code) so you, the user can see that I mean business and I’m playing with my own money. I’ll also have all of these picks posted on Pick Monitor (username: 3gameparlay).

So NFL Week 1!

This year I’ve started with $500, and I’m also betting NCAA games, just not writing about them in this space, that’s someone else’s job around here.

I took that steak and put $330 on Ohio St to beat Va Tech by 13.5, and they did. It returned $630. Plus i had $170 left the original amount, for a total of $800.

That money must be “re-invested” and I put the majority of it on two NFL week 1 parlays.

Here are my 5 teams for week 1.

Patriots -7 over Steelers (some have it at 7.5, some at 6.5, I got it at 7.)
They’re red hot, the Steelers suck, and these guys are READY to prove that they don’t cheat to win. Sure it wasn’t the best look by them to have the headsets of the opposing coaches not working, but according to some media, the broken headsets are set up and maintained by the NFL. Either way, it ended up being a push, so my parlay is alive, just 1 team short.

Seahawks -3.5 over Rams
These guys just made it back to back super bowls and somehow they’re only supposed to win by 4? Against the Nick Foles led Rams? GTFO! THIS LINE IS AS EASY AS THEY COME! If I were able to place a large wager on only 1 game, this is the game it would go on. This line has got to be a first game, they’re on the road and we have no way to accurately gauge the team, kind of line.

Bengals -3.5 over Raiders
A second year rookie QB (Carr) with a rookie RB and a bunch of cast offs at WR & TE vs the Red Rocket and A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert at the TE with a solid D to keep it close if not a FG’s only from Oakland. I think this is a pretty solid win for gamblers.

Colts -2.5 over Bills
Luck, newly acquired WR Andre Johnson and T.Y. Hilton AND ancient but effective Frank Gore at RB. I am supposed to believe the already hurt Shady McCoy and ‘whoever the fuck’ Tyrod Taylor at QB are scoring points? No sir, I do not believe that. Sure the Bills D is tough, and new coach Rex Ryan is a defensive coach at heart who can keep games close and yadda yadda. Unfortunately, the Colts only have to win by 3. I think they’ll win by at least 7.

Panthers -3.5 over Jaguars
I’d take this at 7.5. Jaguars might be the 3rd or 4th best team in Florida, right after the Dolphins, Bucs and whichever college team is hot. Depends on the week. They’re going to be down early and they won’t be able to recover. Carolina had a solid year, making the playoffs last year and winning a game. They did all of that with an new receiving corps, this year the Panther offense is gelled and putting up points, while their D remains capable of keeping it close. Also, It’s the Jags and 4 points is Extremely possible.




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