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2015 NFL Week 2

Good Afternoon!
Last week we went 2-2-1 which is not awesome, but it would have been good enough to win a 3 game parlay with 1 of the games pushing. Unfortunately I set up both of my tickets to have the Pats and Seahawks on them, and that killed it for me.

Back to the drawing board! This week I’m looking for 5 games.
Arizona – 1.5 on the road in Chicago.
Tennessee -0.5 over Cleveland on the road.
New England -0.5 over Buffalo, also on the road.
St. Louis -3.5 over Washington, on the road.
Baltimore -6.5 over Oakland, on the road (sense a theme here)

Yes, all of these picks involve teams that are road favorites!

Four of the five teams won their week 1 game (Arizona and New England); two won at home and two (Tennessee won in Tampa, Carolina won in Jacksonville). Baltimore lost in Denver and is out west again. Baltimore’s team stayed in San Francisco rather than fly back and forth during the week.

Arizona won a tight one and in the process lost their starting RB, Andre Ellington. Chris Johnson is his backup and he’ll be able to handle the Chicago D. I was more impressed with Carson Palmer and his ability to make good decisions in traffic and while being rushed. In my opinion, the most difficult part of playing QB is making a good decision with the ball when you are pressured. I like his poise, if you will, and feel it will translate this week into a W for Arizona.

Marcus Marriotta had 4 td’s in the first half, which is the most that any rookie QB has had since 1960. He tore apart the Tampa D, which was supposed to improve from last season. A Cleveland team that couldn’t handle the Jets will fall apart like wet toilet paper.

New England is a juggernaut who are all unified behind the off season Goodell foolishness. They took the Steelers apart at home, and despite Buffalo having a top D, a spread of 0.5 is just asking you to pick that “Plays to win the game“. I see no reason the Pats can’t handle getting the W on the road.

St Louis handed the Seahawks a W in dramatic overtime style! Stopping the Seahawks from domination the running game, from opening up with passes, and managed to score on the supposedly tough Seattle D. What hope does a disjointed, ramshackle Washington team have?

Oakland has a 2nd year QB with hand problems, a 3rd yr RB who sucks out loud and their D is piss poor. I’d be surprised if they score 14 points in their week 2 loss at home to the Ravens. The Ravens have had a week to refine their pass blocking after facing the blitz from the Denver D, they’ll be ready and I expect a big day from Flacco and his targets.

I’m combining these teams in 3 separate parlay tickets. I believe that New England and St. Louis are the strongest teams on here. So they’ll be on every ticket, and I’ll also bet them individually and in a 2 game parlay. I’ll combine the other 3 teams with the Pats and Rams to have a 2 game, 3 game and 4 game parlay. Keep in mind that all these parlays are with points. You could do Moneyline parlays, but I tend to stick to the points.

In the coming weeks, I am planning on writing about bankroll management and setting up your parlays in a way to give you the best odds.

Good luck out there!


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