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NCAA Best Bets Locks and Longshots

Hey folks I know I owe you guys a mid season recap and that will be coming later. First things first this weeks picks.

Memphis @ Tulsa +10.5
Memphis just beat Ole Miss in their house nuff said go with the hit hand. If they can run the table . expect them to contend.

pick Memphis -10.5 unless it moves past -13.5 I think they can win by two TDs against the golden hurricane.

2. Pitt @Syracuse +6.5. Syracuse’s only win this year in the ACC is against Wake Forest so yeah easy one here. Pick Pitt -6.5.

3.Tennessee @ Alabama -15.5. The tide are clearly the better team and won’t be challenged this year until they face LSU in week 9 after a bye. Pick Alabama -15.5

4. Toledo @UMASS +14. Toledo has been burning thru conference games this year. This game will be no different as The Rockets take on the Minutemen this too will be one-sided. Pick Toledo.

5. Temple @ ECU -3. ECU is no cake walk team but this is the best team Temple has had in 70 years. Go Owls.Temple is undefeated and ranked as of last week gaining the AAC a lot more respect since losing power conference status but the rides have changed I do believe if one school from here can run the the table and no schools stay undefeated in the Pac-12 or ACC they can sneak in. At the 4 spot especially with wins over over power 5 schools and a remaining games against Notre Dame. That being said
Pick Temple +3.

Now for the west coast
6. Washington State @ Arizona -7.5.

Arizona has lost two games this year to the cream of the crop in the PAC -12 until the face Utah later the south is way tougher than the north as UCLA and UTAH appear to have the best shot at the college football Playoffs. Arizona should roll to victory by atleats 14 points . pick Arizona -7.5

And as always if doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense.


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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