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NFL Week 9

Hello gamblers!

Yes, I took a week off after a particularly difficult Sunday! I went 2-6. I’m currently 18-19-1 for the year. Well the second half winning streak is starting now. ALL ABOARD BABY!!

In the week off, I took some time to focus on daily fantasy for NFL and NBA. I’m still doing that and posting my lineups on this site.

On to week 9!

I’m going with Pittsburgh -4.5 over Oakland. Pittsburgh is a home favorite, 5-2 ATS, Big Ben is back in his 2nd start from injury, and Oakland is a west coast team playing a 1pm east coast start. Oakland did out maneuver the Jets last week but I’m not sure they can do it consecutive weeks or against a team who isn’t running their backup QB. Yes Bell is out, but Pittsburgh has Stewart who is solid along with M. Bryant matched up against a Raider D that might bend enough to give the Steelers a 5 pt win.

I like Green Bay -2.5 over Carolina. Aaron Rogers and the Packers looked very mortal in Denver. He was rushed and hit and when he did have time to throw the Denver D covered the Packer WR’s extraordinarily well. No busted coverage, no long, broken plays. I don’t have the same confidence in the Panthers secondary, even at home. They looked pretty poor last week at home in the rain. Andy Luck who’s having a tough year brought the team back with a wild second half, and Rogers will be able to perform at a higher than Luck level for the entire game. Look for Ted Ginn Jr to drop 3 passes in an one sided Green Bay victory.

Atlanta -5.5 over San Francisco. No Kap, no decent work from Hyde and Blaine Gabbert won’t put up 20 points in this one, and Atlanta will score 45. It’ll be an easy W for Atlanta if it goes the way I see it going.

Denver -3.5 over Indianapolis. Are you serious? Denver just dismantled Green Bay, and now they get to play Indy. T.Y. Hilton was wearing a walking boot, Andre Johnson has been turning it on lately, but he’ll have to carry the whole passing load with C. Fleener if Hilton is out. Denver will have Luck running for his life in a walk over for the Broncos.

New Orleans -7.5 over Tennessee. I see it going well for New Orleans. They scored well against the Giants last week at home, they’re at home again against a not too good Titan D. Breese won’t have 7 TD’s but he’ll have 4 at least. This is the lock of the week in the NFL!

Yeah, I’m picking 5 favorites this week. As you might know, favorites are 46% for the season. However, I’m only picking 5 games, so going 5-0 is not as unlikely as you might think.

Good luck out there!


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