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NFL Week 10

Good Morning fellow gamblers!

Yes I’m having a bad couple weeks, last week I went 0-5!. I’m currently 18-24-1 for the year. Check us out on Pick Monitor Remember, as always all picks are wrong or your money back!

I’ll save you the long write ups, and just give you the meat.

Carolina (8-0) -4.5 over TENNESSEE (2-6) +4.5
Miami (3-5) +6 over PHILADELPHIA (4-4) -6.0
Dallas (2-6) +1.5 over TAMPA BAY (3-5) -1.5
New Orleans (4-5) -1.0 over WASHINGTON (3-5) +1.0
PITTSBURGH (5-4) -4.5 over Cleveland (2-7) +4.5
NY GIANTS (5-4) +7.0 over New England (8-0) -7.0

good luck out there. And remember Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball has already started so it’s going to get better!


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