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NFL Week 11

Last week I went 4-2!. I’m currently 22-26-1 for the year. Check us out on Pick Monitor Remember, as always all picks are wrong or your money back!

On to the picks!
Dallas (2-7) +0.5 over MIAMI (4-5) – Dallas has to stop losing. This is Romo’s first game back in 8 weeks. Dez Bryant is as healthy as he’ll be until the off season. Miami is coming off a road win over the Eagles in a game where the Dolphin D knocked the starting QB out of the game. I think the Cowboys have to win this game to even pretend that they’re still playing pro level ball in Big D. It’s a pick’em, so it’s really a question of, “can the boys win one?” I say YES!

Oakland (4-5) -1.5 over DETROIT (2-7) – Oakland is paying well, but they lost last week at home to a good Vikings team. I think Oakland is better than Detroit and they have more fight in them. Oakland has a young and improving QB, a young hungry RB, solid receivers, a decent D. Detroit has none of these things and seems to be giving up on the season. Even with the 1pm East coast time start, the Raiders should be able to win this one.

PHILADELPHIA (4-5) -5.5 over Tampa Bay (4-5) – Even with Sanchez starting, the Eagles are in am must win game to remain in the playoff hunt. Tampa beat Dallas last week, I don’t think they can keep the Eagles offense under 14 or even 21 points. I believe the Eagles win a one sided contest at home over a rookie Qb and an average (statistically) Tampa Defense.

BALTIMORE (2-7) -2.5 over St. Louis (4-5) – St Louis has given up on Nick Foles. The Ram D is solid, but so is the Baltimore Offense. Ravens winning by less than a field goal should be very possible. It seems like a no-brainer to take the Ravens at home over a team who can’t score points except on Special Teams or Defense.

Green Bay (6-3) +0.5 over MINNESOTA (7-2) – Aaron Rodgers has this one chance to level the ship and turn the team around. They need this win, it’s a division rival, it’s a team ahead of them in the standing, and it would turn their season around. I think he’ll find a way to beat AP, and Teddy Bridgewater.

San Francisco (3-6) -12.5 over SEATTLE (4-5) – Seattle is good on D, but has struggles on Offense. Yes, the Niners are starting Blaine Gabbert and he’s not a professional level QB, and their D is softer than a babies bottom. However, the Seahawks don’t blow anyone away on Offense, and they’re not beating anyone by 2 touchdowns, especially a division rival. As a rule, I rarely take the favorite in a double digit spread in a NFL game.

Good luck out there!


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