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NFL Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving!
This year I’m thankful for 3 easy match ups that will fill my wallet while I fill my fat face with food.

Lets Dig In!

Last week I went 3-3!. I’m currently 25-29-1 for the year. Check us out on Pick Monitor Remember, as always all picks are wrong or your money back!

The Thanksgiving special is Carolina +1 over Dallas. I’m honestly shocked at this. It’s got to be a mistake. Carolina will beat Dallas by 3, 5 even 7. Unless someone gets hurt walking into the stadium I’m not sure how Dallas has a chance. Isn’t this the same Cowboys team that struggled with the Dolphins last week? I’m not sure what else needs to be said, Panthers win easy.

Philadelphia -0.5 over Detroit. Sure, Mark Sanchez is terrible, but after losing to Carolina by 30+ these guys might muster whatever heart they have left and try to win one for coach Chip Kelly. Rumors out of Philly that Chip Kelly is losing the team might be unfounded, as he’s picked all the players on this team. Remember, he cleared house his first two years and this is the first year he’s got all his self picked guys. I think they’ll put in a little effort for him. Detroit has a tough win last weekend over a semi decent Raiders team. Maybe the Lions show up, maybe not, but I’m going Philly here.

Chicago -8.5 over Green Bay. I like the Packers, I just don’t see a 9 point victory for them in this one. Chicago has Matt Forte back, and Langford is still able to contribute to a good ground team that will have the Bears in this game until the end. The Bear Defense is also not to be overlooked. They will harass a not 100% healthy Aaron Rogers all evening in cold Green Bay.

Minnesota PK over Atlanta. Don’t believe the Atlanta hype! This isn’t an even matchup when you factor in the Viking run game and the translucent (ha) Atlanta Defense. Go with the Vikings!

Seattle -3.5 over Pittsburgh. Seattle is without Marshawn Lynch, but his backup, Rawls has performed beyond expectations. They beat up the Niners last week and covered, I don’t think another home game against a possibly over valued Steeler team will make much of a difference. I think Seattle wins by 7.

Good luck out there, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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