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NFL Week 13

Last week I went 4-1!. I’m currently 29-30-1 for the year. Check us out on Pick Monitor Remember, this is just for fun, but if it were for real you’d be in good hands!

So I hope you feasted on the 4-1 week I had. I KNOW I DID! Except for my favorite team (the Philadelphia Eagles) who decided to be the turkey on Thanksgiving, the rest of the week was overwhelmingly positive!

THIS WEEK, I like Seattle -2 over Minnesota. Seattle needs to win, they have a playoff hunt a’brewin! They also handled a Steelers team last week that was as potent on Offense as these Vikings. I think the Seattle D can stop or at least slow down A. Peterson and R. Wilson can get the O up enough to give the Seahawks a win by 2.

Houston +3.5 over Buffalo. Houston is too strong on D and just good enough with their passing game to lose to the Bills. Anyone who has had Deandre Hopkins on their Fantasy league knows that man is dangerous in the open field and it doesn’t matter who is passing him the ball, he’ll get his catches and TD’s anyway. Leshawn McCoy is solid, but he’s not winning the game for them, and as I noted earlier the Houston D is not going to give up more than 10-13 points this afternoon.

Arizona -4.5 over St. Louis. Isn’t Arizona a top 2 team in the NFC? I think Carolina might be the best, then the Cards. So why are they only supposed to win by 5? Is there something going on, or is someone hurt? I don’t think the Rams would win the College Football playoff, so this is an easy one for me to pick.

Denver -4 over San Diego. Denver can wrap up the AFC west with a win today. San Diego has been underwhelming all season and their defense has the stopping power of paper towels.

Lastly, Carolina -6.5 over New Orleans. Yeah, it’s a whole TD, but the Saints have not been marching in the End Zone this season. Carolina has a bit more to prove now that they’re the last undefeated team remaining and that might spur their Defense to play a tough game. They’re on the road, they’re expected to win. You just know Cam Newton wants to score and hand balls to kids in the crowd and then smile and answer questions about the dancing, while he’s undefeated.

So there you go folks, sure it’s an 4 favorites, 1 dog day for us, but as the expression goes, “Dogs early, favorites late”.

Good Luck out there!


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