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NFL Week 17

Good Morning Champs!

I’ve been away, enjoying family time and holiday. However, I haven’t stopped picking NFL games. I’m mostly playing the same 5 picks I’d put up here, but with my 2015 NFL season record at slightly above 50% I felt that giving them away to all of your loyal readers wasn’t worth it. I still post my picks on Pickmonitor, and that is always the best place to get my predictions, plays and pick for free.

I am still picking NCAA Men’s games, and I’m still heading out west to beautiful Las Vegas to gamble on the March Madness first and second rounds. You will find the picks for the upcoming NCAA games in this space in the future.


New York Jets -3 over Buffalo Bills – The Jets need to win to make the playoffs. I think they’ll win by more than a FG.

New Orleans Saints +6 over Atlanta Falcons – A gimpy Drew Brees is still a deadly weapon up against the paper thing Atlanta D. Saints can score on those guys enough to keep it within a touchdown.

Houston Texans -6.5 over Jacksonville Jaguars – Houston is a tough strong team, especially on D, and not having a real professional QB won’t stop them from tearing up Jacksonville. Bortles is a quality pro, and he’s got excellent receivers but that Houston D can stop them.

Pittsburgh Steelers -10.5 over Cleveland Browns – Browns get the #1 overall pick if they lose and Tennessee loses. The only real question is can Pittsburgh win this one by enough to cover. I think they got it in the bag.

Washington Redskins +4.5 over Dallas Cowboys – I thought this was a misprint, do those things still exist? Misprints? Anyway, Washington has their whole team. Dallas, shut down Dez Bryant, Romo is still hurt, is it still McFadden running the ball? Who cares, Washington will handle them Cowboys. I’d take this one as a Moneyline underdog winner!

Philadelphia Eagles +5 over New York Giants – Philly can’t possibly be any happier after losing Chip Kelly. They’re going to win by 300 points.


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