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Daily Fantasy Lineup for Wild Card Weekend


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This what I believe to be the optimal line up and some unexpected performances as well. Rodgers and Hill and Peterson will have every opportunity to have big games with more touches than others at their position. Desean Jackson is great deep. Threat and I expect to break one deep for a score and as he rested last week to play this at home, I can see him being a x factor for them. Kerse, Reed, Green and KC defense are based more on the matchup than anything else as I expect Cincinnati,Washington and KC to win and Seattle to throw more I saw value in all of the selections as well.

NFL $1M Play-Action [$1 Million Guaranteed]
Sat 4:35 PM ET 383333 Entries, Top 84950 get paid.

QBAaron Rodgers
GB@Was – Sun 4:40PM ET

RBJeremy Hill
Pit@Cin – Sat 8:15PM ET

RBAdrian Peterson (Q)
Sea@Min – Sun 1:05PM ET

WRDeSean Jackson (P)
GB@Was – Sun 4:40PM ET

WRJames Jones
GB@Was – Sun 4:40PM ET

WRJermaine Kearse
Sea@Min – Sun 1:05PM

TEJordan Reed
GB@Was – Sun 4:40PM

FLEXA.J. Green
Pit@Cin – Sat 8:15PM ET

KC@Hou – Sat 4:35PM ET

And as “if it doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense”


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