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Sunday March 5th, NCAA

Welcome back.

Here at 3 Game Parlay, we have been busy, putting our annual NCAA March Madness tourney spreadsheets together. I’ve been personally doing them for 4 years. I combined my effort with friends and family and that is how we started this site. The method we use: it’s a combination of team record, Ken Pom numbers, adjustments to those based on watching the games, Home/Away record difference, team tempo (how many possessions per 40 min). Then that number is weighted, giving added importance to the last 3 games the team has played.

We were trying to use a more objective method to rank the teams, and most importantly, bet and WIN betting on the games!! Generally I’ll play 4 -5 individual games against the spread, then combine the top 3 into a parlay. That’s also how we came up with the name of the site!

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve been doing that collectively for 4 years, first two years we were 35 Win % and 55 Win %. You are able to turn a profit at 52.5%. Last year at the tourney we won 75% of the bets made. We are now in year 4! I’m also working bet size.

I’ve been following the season as usual and now I’m starting to place real money behind my bets. As usual, we’ll be in Las Vegas for the first round of the Tourney.

Lately we’ve been posting our picks in Pick Monitor (https://www.pickmonitor.com/user/3gameparlay) & Twitter (https://twitter.com/3GameParlay).

Both sites have all of our picks, all of them are free of charge. We’re not selling here, just sharing information and tracking our progress or failure. I’ve set up pick monitor to be free, but just in case, I post everything I play in pick monitor on twitter, so you can follow it all there.

Good luck out there and here’s our Saturday plays:

2:30PM Creighton vs Xavier
Xavier -9.5 -105

2:00PM West Virginia vs Baylor
West Virginia +3.5 -105

2:00PM LSU vs Kentucky
LSU +13.5 -105

4:00PM Oregon vs USC
Oregon -2.5 -105

6:30PM North Carolina vs Duke
Duke +2.5 -107

8:00PM VA Commonwealth vs Dayton
VA Commonwealth +2 -105

8:30PM Louisville vs Virginia
Virginia -5.5 -108

10:00PM New Mexico vs Nevada
New Mexico +2 -105

Good luck out there.

If you’re headed to Vegas for March Madness, check out the Facebook group: MMILV


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