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2016 NFL Week 2

Hello Gamblers!

Last week I went 2-3!. How below average of me!
To Be Fair, there were many close games, but close don’t count! I’m working on something special this week! at least 4-1! As always, you’ll also be able to find my picks on pickmonitor.com, it requires you to set up an account, but it’s free.

Week 2 Picks:
NY JETS +0.5 OVER BUFFALO – I’m posting this on Thursday instead of over the weekend because I am excited that the New York Jets are a -0.5 dog against the extremely average Buffalo Bills. I watched both of these teams play week 1 and their defenses were similar. The Jets gave up 381 yards on Defense, the Bills gave up 308. The Jets offense put up 340 yards vs 160 yards of O for the Bills. I’m predicting a similar outcome in this game. Solid Jets D vs weak Bills O, combined with a Solid Bills D vs a Solid Jets O. I’m giving the edge to the JETS!

SAN FRANCISCO +13.5 OVER CAROLINA – I’m on the record saying double digit point spreads in the NFL are generally too high. I take the dog 9 times out of 10. I’m taking the Niners. Now we all know the Panthers are a super strong and angry team and after losing to open the season they’re not going to lose again. However, the Panther D let a rookie Qb in his first start put 308 yards on them! I think the Niners can do that as well, and put up a few scores on the board. Enough to get beaten by 13 or less.

SEATTLE -3.5 OVER LOS ANGELES – Seattle is going to beat LA by 1000. Did you see the LA game? According to an article on Pro Football Talk the Niners D KNEW what was coming before the snap. “Steve Wyche reported on NFL Network that a 49ers player told him they could tell exactly what the Rams were doing in advance, solely by the Rams’ alignment and backfield motion.” Yeah, so that doesn’t bode well for this week against the 3rd best D in the league so far.

GREEN BAY -2.5 OVER MINNESOTA – Green Bay put up 27 points on the road and were in control of the game most of the way. Aaron Rodgers was his usual bad ass self, making every throw in the book and then improvising like a ninja to get a few more throws. Minnesota, is starting a below average Sean Hill or Maybe Sam Bradford, the coach isn’t saying. Also, MN had to come from behind to beat the lowly Titans. I’m looking at the O and D stats and they’re sorta even, except for a few small things like penalties, which were 9 for 75 yards for GB and only 2 for 10 yards for MN. Combining that kinda bad luck for the Packers and the below average O for the Vikings convinces me that there is enough of a chance for the Packers to cover 3 points on the road.

PHILADELPHIA -2.5 OVER CHICAGO – Philly looked AMAZING over the semi Pro Browns last week, but it was the Browns, so it’s difficult to put that game into perspective. The Philly O was hot,their D was hot, the Bears weren’t. I’m still confident that the Eagles can handle winning by 1 on the road in Prime Time. I’m basing that on the 20+ points they gave up to a Houston Texans team that had a new QB, new RB and only 1 returning WR. It’ll be tight, but the Eagles should handle it.

Good luck out there. Recaps come out on Tuesday.


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