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2016 NFL Week 3 & Week 2 Recap

Last week I went 2-3 AGAIN! Nobody’s got time for that!!!!!

To Recap:
Jets WON over the Bills. – Bills look awful this year. Can’t stop anyone from scoring, and the only points they get are on defensive screw ups. 2 Long balls that got past the NYJ secondary were the early scores. They fired the OC, which is half the problem, Rex is the other shoe waiting to drop. I’m sure they’ll be chances to play against the Bills soon enough.

San Francisco +13.5 LOST over Carolina – SF was up early, and fell apart later against the super powered Carolina O. I guess I’m wrong about double digit points in the NFL being too big.

Seattle -3.5 LOST over LA Rams – So Seattle just refuses to run an O? Back to back weeks of sub par Seahawk offense have been disappointing. At least the Seattle D is still strong. LA has a better D than their first weeks performance would have led me to believe. I’m not sure if the LA D is good and will be consistent or if it’ll be week to week. I’d advise checking the Football Outsiders DVOA for more detail on that stat. I think it’ll be helpful for wagering.

Green Bay -2.5 LOST over Minnesota – What the hell Aaron Rodgers! Why can’t you handle the Viking D? They had no AP, a goddamned rookie QB had to come in to help mop it up and you still lost? I’m not sure what to do with you bro. Stay away from me for a bit.

Philly-2.5 WON over Chicago – At least Jay Cutler is still who we thought he was. Fly Eagles Fly. Perhaps that Carson Wentz guy is the REAL DEAL!

This week, onward and UPWARD!

Houston OVER New England (+2.5) – Houston will be bringing in the 5th best rated D (using DVOA) in the NFL and the Pats have a rookie Qb who has never made a start. I think it’ll be a Houston win.

Denver OVER Cincinnati (-3.5) – Denver is average in DVOA (16th) however, they have the 6th fewest yards allowed. Cincy has the 2nd highest passing yards this season. I think D wins over hot O and Denver will cover and lose by 3 or possibly win.

Arizona OVER Buffalo (+4.5) – Buffalo is not playing high level football, they just fired their OC, they have a weak D and Arizona is red hot after crushing Tampa last week.

Oakland OVER Tennessee (-1.5) – Oakland has the most yards per game on Offense, the Titans are not stopping anyone this season (25th in D, with an especially bad Defensive run stop rating) I think the Raiders keep it high scoring and Latavius Murray has a big game.

L.A. Rams OVER Tampa Bay (-4.5) – After last weeks big Defensive effort, I see this as low scoring and a possible Tampa win, by less than a td.


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