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NCAA 6 Picks and L.O.W.

Hello loyal readers,

I feel like we have turned a corner this season in our understanding in who’s playing for conference titles and who’s not. With that said we can move on to the conference schedule which will determine the playoffs and title games for the Mountain West, American, and MAC which will most likely be highest rated teams from the group of five which I think will make a big impact on the on the College football playoff this season. First game up:

Boise St. (4-0) @ New Mexico-19 (2-2)

New Mexico is at home they have beaten Boise St. In the past and have a decent shot at covering the spread as they can run ball and have a home field advantage that is one of best. Boise St. can roll them pretty easy with this offense as they shown in the past in dominating the conference. Pick: New Mexico+19

(3-2) TCU @ Kansas -28.5 (1-3) 

This is the most uneven game between conference opponents in one conference. Kansas gets rolled on a regular basis in the big-12 this will not be pretty or will be close. Pick: TCU -28.5. 

(2-2) Texas @ Oklahoma (2-2) -11.5

Both of these coaches are on the hot seat as they haven’t gotten out the gate with good records. This being one of the biggest rivalry games in college sports this may keep both coaches in the current roles for a few more years. Texas can play and have the talent to compete in this game as shown by the last few years of the red river shootout. Pick: Texas+11.5 to many points to cover for Oklahoma in game I think they can lose if they don’t play well.

Alabama @ Arkansas +14 

Alabama has a freshman QB, Arkansas has a great team this year. Alabama playing on the road has been up and down in the past 4 years. Arkansas has been great at home the past 2 years. With the lack of offense this year from Alabama I can’t really predict what may go down in this one. Arkansas has had this game circled on the calendar since last year’s loss as revenge game. Pick: Arkansas +14

(2-3) Syracuse @ Wake Forest -3 (4-1) 

Syracuse can score but have been getting handled the past 2 weeks. Wake Forest has gotten off to a great start for the first time in a long time. Wake Forest I believe is a lock this week.Wake Forest +3

(3-2) UCLA @ Arizona St +10 (4-1)

ASU has a shot at the Pac-12 shot at the title so this game is a must win and very possible considering how this is home game. UCLA needs to turn their season around and this road win can do it by guaranteeing themselves a win over a division opponent. I like Rosen but I don’t know if that will be enough as the defense has struggled at times with losing all that talent to the NFL. Pick: Arizona State +10

And as always “if it doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense”


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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