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2016 NFL Week 6 & Week 5 Recap

for the next 10 days, I’m LIVE! in Las Vegas!!!
Last week we went 2-3, that’s a bad week, even my beloved Eagles lost!

One thing that I’ve noticed being in lots of separate sports books all week, is that the opening line does change, and that gives the average better (like you and I) some insight on where the large amounts of money are going. For example. This week the Raiders vs Chiefs game opened at Pick’em, and has moved to Oakland -1.5. This lets you know that the largest amount of bets have come down on the Raiders, which moved the line toward them. I still think anything up to -2.5 will be good enough for Oakland to cover, but it did give me some pause to see it move almost 2 points in 2 days. It seems lots of us agree that that Raiders are good. Maybe that means something to you, seeing the lines move, maybe it just means the public is smart, but that isn’t likely. Usually the public is wrong and seeing a line move can entice you to go the other way. For the next 10 days, I’ll check this and post whenever a line moves dramatically, lets call it 2 – 5 points for a NFL game.

This week, keep an eye on the Oak v KC game and lets learn if the move was right, or wrong.

Onward and Upward!

This week!

Denver (-2.5) over SAN DIEGO – Denver is rolling a rookie QB, with an all pro D. SD is rolling a banged up O with a leaky D and some serious bad luck.

Pittsburgh (-7.5) over MIAMI – Pittsburgh is rolling, Miami has no Offense.

Carolina (-3.5) over NEW ORLEANS – Cam is back, NO is still the Aint’s. Even at home, they can’t put up enough points to beat anyone not named the Chargers.

OAKLAND (-1.5) over Kansas City – Oakland is home, rested and playing well.

Philadelphia (-2.5) over WASHINGTON – Philly rebounds with a division rival on the road.

Good luck out there!


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