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Vegas Trip Report! October 2016 – The Mirage

I recently got back from a 4 night trip to ‘beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada!’. Now allow me to tell you all about it!

We flew in from NYC to LAS via JetBlue, they’re very underrated as an airline. They’re based at JFK so they’ve taken care of the terminal and really branded the whole joint to death. They’ve painted the inside departing and arrival areas with their JetBlue logo and their JetBlue font. The TSA lines aren’t as bad as they’ve been at other airports, by that I mean they seem organized and they move quickly. I’ve shown up for a flight that was taking off in less than an hour and easily made it through with time for a piss break! Anyway, they’ve got a lot of places to get something to eat or have a beer or charge your phone and they’ve even got a mini playground if you’ve got a kid with you that needs to run it off before they sit on a plane.

As I was saying, we flew to LAS and got in a cab. A word of advice – remember to let the cabby know you don’t want to take the highway (I think it’s I-10). It adds double the distance to the ride and it’ll make a ride from McCarren to mid strip (Venetian to Planet Hollywood) into a $35 – $40 cab ride. WTF, right? So be sure to mention you want to take the streets or just say, “Don’t take the highway please.” and it should help you avoid your first L of the trip.

We were staying at The Mirage. It’s sorta North Strip, next to Treasure Island and Caesars Palace and across from Venetian and Casino Royale. I’d suggest you book via MLife.com, that’s their rewards program, it’ll give you a minor, tiny discount and you’ll earn points towards free food and other discounts if you ever make it back out west.


So the rooms at the place are put into two general types; basic 3 star room (clean, large, standard tub/shower combo, minibar, 40″ flat screen TV, 24hr room service) & 5 star room (higher floors, private elevator, marble bathroom with soaking tub, 46 – 55″ flat screen, 24hr room service with larger menu, more variety in the minibar). They’ve also got suites of the 5 star variety, with additional rooms and better bathroom options.

We had the 3 star room, with a volcano view. The Mirage has a little pyrotechnic volcano thing out front. We got lucky and got the corner room, with a panoramic North Strip view, best view I’ve ever had in Las Vegas.



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