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2016 NFL Week 10

Hello Gamblers!
I went 4-1 last week. I’m excited. I haven’t gone 4-1 in a while, perhaps my methods are not madness. That was lame.

As always, you’ll also be able to find my picks on pickmonitor.com, it requires you to set up an account, but it’s free. Onward and upward!

This week I’ve got:
Denver Over New Orleans (-1.5) – Denver lost on the road last week, but they’re still a top 10 DVOA team and the Saints are still all O and not much D. I think Denver can win the game.

Los Angeles Over NY Jets (-2.5)Jets are last in DVOA and they’re not even the same team from week to week. Ryan Fitz-interception hurt his MCL or something in their last game, and Bryce Petty might have to suit up for Gang Green. They’re going to be crushed by the Rams Mighty offense. They’re led by the goddamned Worst QBR in the NFL, but the best most likely to be a fake name from Key & Peele, Case Keenum

Green Bay Over Tennessee (+2.5) – Green Bay are 7th in DVOA, The Titans are 21st. Both teams have been pretty consistent this entire season. I’m giving the Packers the edge because they’re coming off a tough 2 game losing streak against the Cowboys and Colts. Aaron Rodgers led packer teams don’t lose back to back games very often, forget 3 in a row. Titans aren’t as good on D, Packers roll.

Atlanta Over Philadelphia (-.5) – Both teams are top 4 in DVOA, only Atlanta is ranked 1st in Offense. Atlanta are also more consistent week to week compared to the only good at home, sorta bad on the road, Eagles. This game opened at -2.5 for Philly, and it’s now basically pick’em. Make the easy choice and go Falcons.

Jacksonville Over Houston (+0.5) – Both these guys suck on D. They’re also pretty bad on Offense. I just expect the Jags to win since they’re at home, and from the variance state on Football Outsiders site.

Good luck out there!


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