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Army V Navy & Week 13 NFL picks.

ARMY (+6.5) over Navy.

Navy lost there starting by qb last week and he is a question to return army has had a resurgence this year and I think they can keep it close with good clock management and They know how to defend the run well.

CLEVELAND (+5.5) over Cincinnati

G3 FTW enough said here and neither of these teams have hope of a post season.

Denver (+1.5) over TENNESSEE

The better defense will win here and Denver has that here if semian can play they will be closer to locking up the wild card spot.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6.0) over Houston.

Houston has nothing but problems on offense. After the colts dismantled the gets on Monday night this game is huge as only one team will be going to the playoffs. 

Pittsburgh (-2.0) over BUFFALO.

the Steelers have to many weapons and The bills do not have enough. The playoff push ends here for Buffalo. Steelers by 7. lock of the week#1.

San Diego (+1.0) over CAROLINA.

Both teams have alot to play for here as the NFC is not yet decided and the afc west has become the most competitive division in the NFL this year.I give the edge to San Diego as I think their defense will travel here and the panthers are a long shot to make a playoff run.

Minnesota (-3.5) over JACKSONVILLE

The Vikings have a reason to finish string as they didn’t make the playoffs until the very last game in 15′. Game Vikings.

NY Jets (+2.5) over SAN FRANCISCO

The niners are tanking here for a good pick jets FTW. that defense travels.

TAMPA BAY (-2.5) over New Orleans

Better defense and with showing against the Seahawks two weeks back. I fully expect them to win here.

LOS ANGELES (+6.0) over Atlanta

This defense at home with the points.  What I expect to happen a close game that Atlanta may win but as shown last week, there are no guarantees.

Seattle (-2.5) over GREEN BAY

Seattle is dealing with injuries but I fully expect this be a lock for them as they don’t let up and their secondary is second to none and cause problems for team with no running game. L.OW. #2

Dallas (-3.0) over NY GIANTS

The running game will decide this game and cowboys have the better o line and rb. So unless the giants surprise here I expect the cowboys to win the division this week.

Baltimore (+7.0) over NEW ENGLAND

The more this team is tested the more the Ravens respond. the defense has hit a stride and are playing well over the last few weeks.The ravens only road wins have come in Jacksonville and Cleveland. the pats play well at home and a Monday night gives them more tine to gameplan. Brady will be without Gronk but others will step up. Pats win by 3 as the ravens make this a tough one. 

And as always if it doesn’t make $$$ it don’t make sense.


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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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