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2016 NFL Week 15

Morning Gamblers!

I went 3-2 last week, and you can see how our year has gone here

As always, you’ll also be able to find my picks on pickmonitor.com, it requires you to set up an account, but it’s free. Cheapskate!

Indianapolis OVER Minnesota -4.5 – Indy is heading to the playoffs, well they’re a game back on the division lead, but at least they’re fighting for it! The Vikings are losing this game to match their losing season.

Pittsburgh OVER Cincinnati +3.5 – A.J. Green is hurt, but he might play. It’ll be 20 degrees and windy out, so it won’t matter anyway. Look out for another HUGE game from

Kansas City (-5.5) Over Tennessee – Chiefs roll to the playoffs!

Oakland OVER San Diego (+2.5) – a score fest in a sunny southern California winter.

New England Over Denver (+3.5) – Tom Brady is not losing anymore games this season.

Enjoy your holidays!


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