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Daily Fantasy Lineup NFL Divisional Round 2016

Hey Gamblers.
I took a break for the holidays and I’m back.

Hopefully we’ll be able to put up a 2016 in retrospective, but from a quick look I can tell that 2016 was an average year. Below average on DFS. Regardless of that here are the 3 lineups I’m using for the NFL divisional round.

First I’ve got a Packers heavy lineup with Rogers throwing to Cobb and Cook. Combined with some hopefully highly involved people from mostly all the indoor games. I’m a believer in paying attention to the weather and the opponent when making picks for my lineups. Of course Rogers had the best game in the Wild Card weekend, and it was freezing in Green Bay, but this week he’s inside so he’ll be twice as good! Makes sense, kinda? maybe? sorta?

Anyway here we go

QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Tevin Coleman
RB Thomas Rawls
WR Cole Beasley
WR Randall Cobb
WR Eli Rogers
TE Jared Cook
FLEX Ezekiel Elliott
DST Steelers

QB Aaron Rodgers
RB L. Blount
RB Thomas Rawls
WR Randall Cobb
WR Chris Hogan
WR Paul Richardson
TE Jared Cook
FLEX Ezekiel Elliott
DST Steelers

This one is an Atlanta focused one, but I’ve got at least a guy in every game, with 2 K.C. guys in their passing game. I checked the weather and K.C. will be finishing up a freezing rain storm and 34 degrees out for that one in the Midwest. I know that sounds nuts, but it’ll affect the roads more than the stadium. They’ll be able to pass quick outs and TE screens. It’ll be OK, I hope!

QB Matt Ryan
RB Devonta Freeman
RB Dion Lewis
WR Davante Adams
WR Dez Bryant
WR Jeremy Maclin
TE Travis Kelce
FLEX Tevin Coleman
DST Patriots

Good Luck out there!

and maybe add Tom Brady to a lineup!


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