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NCAA Tourney 2017 Numbers and analysis.

March Madness

Hello loyal readers,

I have included an edited spreadsheet of kenpom.com numbers from all the tournament teams and their respective rankings.  As usual, all of out picks are educated guesses at best but our past history has lead to some success.

You can also follow along with our picks at pickmonitor.com.

NCAA Kenpom 3.14.17 tourney teams


Top 10 picks against the spread.

1. Purdue -9.5 Vs. Vermont. Purdue will dominate Vermont who is great from the outside but all their shots have to fall to keep it close.

2. St. Mary’s -4 Vs. VCU. St Mary’s can make it to the Sweet 16 and i fully expect it to happen.

3. Xavier +2 Vs. Maryland. Xavier is the better squad here and they are one of the few teams with a win over Villanova, expect a deep run from the musketeers this year.

4. FGCU +12 Vs. FSU. FGCU plays with tempo and can keep up with any team in the country, expect a cover.

5. Oklahoma St.+2.5 Vs. Michigan. OK State will win this one, Michigan is not ready to make run yet this team is still young.

6. Arkansas -1 Vs. Seton Hall. Arkansas is much better squad sorry Seton Hall fans, but they will be out scored.

7. Rhode Island +1 Vs. Creighton. URI will make a run and unfortunately Creighton will not make it into the 3rd round.

8. Kent St. +18 Vs. UCLA. UCLA plays no defense and Kent can they can keep it close expect a closer game than expected.

9. Winthrop +11 Vs. Butler. Because they are dealing with injuries Butler will not cover

10. Wichita St -6 Vs. Dayton; Wichita St is the best 10 seed in the tournament they will cover.

As always if it doesn’t make dollars it don’t make sense.


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