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2017 NBA Playoffs Round 1 – East & West Conference

Hello Gamblers, here are the our predictions for the first round NBA match ups, remember these are bets for the playoff series winner.

When you are at the sports book, you can sometimes find a line on a team winning a playoff series in a particular number of games. We’re just picking the winner of the entire series.

The team we’re picking on will be in bold. We’re only betting a few of these match ups. Some of the odds are too steep to really make any money. The money line odds for Golden State to win the series over Portland is -8500. That means you’d have to be $8500 on Golden State in order to win $100. You’d get your $8500 + $100. I don’t place bets that large. We’re picking every series and betting 2 or 3 that have reasonable odds, that we think we can make some $ on.

With all of that said, we think the:

Indiana Pacers (Series) +600 will lose to Cleveland Cavaliers (Series) -900

Milwaukee Bucks (Series) +425 Over Toronto Raptors (Series) -550

Memphis Grizzlies (Series) +575 will lose to San Antonio Spurs (Series) -850

Utah Jazz (Series) +200 will lose to Los Angeles Clippers (Series) -240

Atlanta Hawks (Series) +175 will lose to Washington Wizards (Series) -210

Portland Trail Blazers (Series) +3500 will lose to Golden State Warriors (Series) -8500

Chicago Bulls (Series) +360 will lose to Boston Celtics (Series) -450

Oklahoma City Thunder (Series) +255 will lose to Houston Rockets (Series) -310

We’re only playing 4 of thees match ups. The Golden State, San Antonio and Cleveland
lines are too steep.

We’re keeping our money on these games:
Washington over Atlanta & Milwaukee over Toronto (the upset!!!)

Good Luck out there!


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