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MLB Mid week Picks.

Hello Loyal Parlayers,

The Monday picks were accurate to the pitching performances but Texas could not produce enough offense to get a win on the run line. We went a 1-2 on the run line with Baltimore 6-3 (+1.5) winning and Texas 2-1 (-1.5) along with Anaheim 1-2 (-1.5).

For todays games I’m going with again

Tampa Bay @ Baltimore -1.5 on the run line; Pick: Baltimore, Bundy is pitching tonight for Baltimore and is 3-1 with 1.37 ERA on the season and i expect more of the same from him.

Minnesota @ Texas -1.5 on the run line; Pick: Texas, Hamels is pitching tonight for texas and is 1-0 with a 2.77 ERA in 4 starts with 26 innings pitched.

Oakland @ Anaheim -1.5 on the run line; Pick: Oakland +1.5 The pitching match up in this one is push in my opinion which is why you read this blog. Oakland lays them tough and is in a good spot early, and if they can stay healthy can have a great season.

“And as always if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense”



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