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Preakness Stakes Day 2017

Good morning Gamblers!

I’ve got a drink in my hand and a song in my heart, it’s time for the most fun leg of the triple crown! Here at 3 Game Parlay, we’re looking at all the stakes races starting at race 6. We do this so you can put in a pick 3 or pick 4, or just bet them individually. Remember, the first post for the stakes races is 12:51 pm and the Preakness is scheduled for 6:48 pm!

The way we do it here, it’s a team of people that do the horse racing picks.
Here’s the set up:

  1. Buy the past performances
  2. Individually check out when the stakes races start
  3. handicap them all
  4. compare with the rest of the group
  5. explain your pics
  6. if it makes sense to the group, put down some $$

That’s it!

With that said, here are races 5-13 on Preakness Day!

Race 5 – 5 furlong turf – The Very One
We like the 9 horse (Sunnysammi) and the 5 horse (Pretty Perfection). We’ll probably play the 9 to win and go with a small amount on a exacta box of 9/5.

Race 6 – 1 1/16 Turf – Allowance
We are in agreement on the 1 horse (Jose Sea View), with the 10 (North Ocean) and or 15 (Barney Rebel) behind. Going to put a large $ on the 1.

Race 7 – 6 furlongs – Chick Lang
Agreement on the 7 horse (Recruiting Ready), with the 1 (Three Rules) behind. Going to put a large $ on the 7.

Race 8 – 1 Mile Turf – James Murphy
We have strong feelings about the 4 (Dover Cliffs) and 6 horse (Yoshida). And we’re playing them both individually to win, and a medium sized exacta box.

Race 9 – 6 Furlongs – Maryland Sprint
We all like the 4 (A.P. Indian) and 5 horse (Whitmore). We’re going to do a small $ on the 5 horse to win, an exacta box with those two horses and a cheap trifecta with the 4 and 5 boxed and the 1 in third.

Race 10 – 1 1/16 Turf – Gallorette
Similar to Race 8 and Race 9, we’re in agreement on the 7 horse (Elysea’s World). We will put a large $ on the 7 to win.

Race 11 – 1 1/16 – Sir Barton
This race was not one with an unanimous opinion. We like the 2 horse (Hedge Fund), and also the 1 (Honor The Fleet) and 9 horse (Time to Travel). We’re going to put a small $ bet on the 2 to win.

Race 12 – 1 1/16 Turf – The Dixie
Everyone liked the 10 horse (Ring Weekend) and we’re going to put a medium $ bet to win. We’re also going to put in an exacta box with the 10 horse and 2 horse (World Approval).

Race 13 – 1 3/16 – The Preakness
For the Preakness Stakes, we’re expecting a repeat win by horse 4 (Always Dreaming) and we’re playing that with large $ to win. We’re also going to do an exacta with the 4 horse winning and the 1 (Multiplier) and 5 (Classic Empire) boxed behind the 4 horse.

Good luck out there and we’ll see you back here for the Belmont Stakes on June 10th!


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