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MLB mid week picks

Hello Loyal Readers,

Here we are again with another round of our mid week picks.

Reds @ Cleveland -200; -1.5 on the run line for favorite Cle. Both starters here have +6 ERA so no clear advantage their. So let’s go with with best hitting team right now. pick: Cleveland -1.5 on the run line.

K.C. @ N.Y. Yankees -200; -1.5 on the run line for the yankees. Severino is pitching for the yankees today and has 3.6 ERA against a 6.2 ERA for Hammel SP for K.C.        pick: Yankees -1.5 on the run line.

Seattle @ Washington -144 / -1.5 on the run line for the Natinals. The Nats are smoking hot right now and Seattle is not, although they have Cano returning.       pick: Nats money line on this one I don’t see this one being a blowout.

LA Angels @ Tampa Bay -111/ -1.5 on the run line for Tampa. The Angels are far from home and have the better line up but pitching has been an issue all season. Tampa have Ramirez on the mound with a 3 ERA and coming off a win against the Yankees.  pick: Angels money line +111 I think they get the W in Florida and it isn’t a long shot.

Texas @ Boston -255/ -1.5 on the rune line. Boston has Sale on the mnound tonight no brainer on this one folks. pick:  Boston -1.5 run line bet they better starter and are at home.

Detroit @ Houston -182/ -1.5 on the run line. Houston is 10 games better than Detroit, a loss would be shocking unless they have a random off night here. The pitching matchup appears even but Cabrera is still in detroit but he is all they have now in the line up with great power. pick: Astros -1.5 run line bet here as well folks.

And as always “If it doesn’t make dollars, It don’t make sense.”



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I'm an 80's baby trying to figure out why adults are so difficult. I have very unhealthy obsession with sports, movies and Television. I am Part time poker player and full time business owner.

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